This is where I’ll be putting reviews of what ever floats my fancy.


4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Gtammies

    Dearest Aaron – You are really having an experience!!! I love to hear your take on the local scene,
    . Please keep in touch as much as you can. You know I worry about your safety. Let me know where you are staying and keep sending pictures of the food. Your blogs are super interesting and I’m glad your mom gave me your bolg address just this morning. I’ll be tuning in from time to time. You are in my prayers. Much love, Grammies

  2. Gtammies

    Aaron- What fabulous pictures and a super blog. I wish I could be riding in the back of your bike. You are having the adventure of a life time. My spirit is with you. Keep safe. Hugs, Grammies

  3. Grammies

    Your pictures are outstanding!! What a horrible hospital experience in Laos. Thank goodness you are alright. Relax on the beach and get your strength back .


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