My last time in Asia I had a 75 litre pack stuffed full in addition to gaining a 20 litre duffel along the way. This time I wanted to eliminate excess and try and have a pack as light as possible, it didn’t quite work out as well as I wanted, but I still trimmed a lot of excess.

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Hot weather, mesh motorcycle pants and jacket, along with gloves and a ultra-dope, fully blacked out helmet.
4 shirts, 3 shorts, 4 pairs of socks, 5 boxers, and one pair of board shorts.
Hammock, cole cord, two carabiners.
3 sets of poi, fire, contact and cloth.
Bug net, pack rain fly and ultra-tech rain jacket.
Life straw (awesome portable filtration thingy)

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I decided on three hardbooks (the rest are on my kindle) the obligatory guide books and a book on vipassana mediation.
Hackey sack
Swiss army knife
Dr Bronner’s soap (the shit!)
Picarin bug spray

I also brought along a satchel for keeping my most valuable stuff on me at all times.
Epl-2 microfour thirds camera
3 lenses: 50mm Canon FD Mount f1.8, Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye and the kit 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 zoom.
Various chargers and computer cables
2 x 32GB SD cards
1 x 32GB USB key

One thought on “Gear

  1. Grammies

    I hope you have a chance to wash out your clothes once in a while. I try to pack light but I haev to say you’ve got me beat. Maybe you can pick up a t-shirt or two along the way.
    Cheers, Grammies


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