Bike for sale!

Comes with fully legal plates and greenbook.

I’m leaving Thailand and unfortunately have to part with my awesome bike. I am the second owner, it was purchased at 6,000 km. The bike has numerous performance upgrades; I recently raced a stock CBR 250R and kept up until 90km/h! Comes with fully legal plates, a green book and is insured and registered till next May.

The bike has been regularly serviced every 3,000 km. It just went in (less than 200 km ago) for servicing and the oil was replaced, the chain tightened and lubed and everything inspected.

Both tires have less than 5,000 km on them, i.e. basically new.

Comes with a matching helmet and gloves.

Muffler – makes the bike sound much deeper and throatier, gone is the ‘pinginess’ of the stock muffler.
Aftermarket CDI box – better ignition = more power!
32mm carburetor – helps the bike breath much better at high RPMs
Larger rear tire – same size as the new 150R, much more secure at high speeds
Luggage rack – You can actually use the bike to haul some stuff around!

The good:
Low mileage – at only 12,963 this bike has got many km left, I’ve seen a few 150R’s pushing 100K!
Great sound
Very clean considering the age, some have even asked if it was new

The bad:
The bike was dropped once on the right side while sitting in traffic, there are some scratches under the passenger seat and next to the headlight. The brake handle was bent in the drop, but it was bent back to mostly the correct shape.

Due to the non stock carb the idle is a touch higher at 1,350 instead of the stock 1,100.

The paint on both the brake handles is chipping badly, you could sand off the paint and rock chrome, or repaint them, or buy new ones if you wanted.

Please call Aaron at 0894060870

Stock tire (left) vs. new tire size (right) neither bike is mine.

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