A brief hiatus

I took a week, or maybe two off from bloggin. I’m sorry. I’ll try and be better in the future; in my defense my travels haven’t been all that exciting recently.

Tomorrow or the day after I will be driving 700 miles in 3 days. To prepare for the grueling trip I replaced both my tires, the one in the rear I increased the size from 100 to 130, more than an inch in size increase! I also had the oil changed and the chain adjusted and lubed. The silencer had fallen out of the muffler which made it ridiculously loud, I had a new one made up at a local exhaust shop. Minus the cost of the tires, all this service cost less than 300B. The tires were 1400 and 1700 for the front and rear, respectively. All told I spent just over $100, but I should be good on service for a long time.

Just to give you a reference of size, the bike on the left has the tire I had originally, the one on the right is what I upgraded to. Neither bike is mine.

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