I love it! I eat it everyday for breakfast  and I’m not just one of those ‘yeah I love bacon’ (but I really just go to the store and buy paper thin shit) posers. I actually go to a butcher! Take that. Any bacon related questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

This was mostly a test of the video function of my new E-PL2 and a vintage Canon F1.8 50mm prime. I’m loving the depth of field and clarity when wide open!
The funky moving black border is due to digital video stabilization I used in post-processing.



One thought on “Bacon!

  1. Uncle Matt

    I too LOVE bacon. I still say the best way to get bacon, albeit time consuming, is to raise your own pig. I’m sure Amy has told you the tales of Oink & Wink raised at Grandpa Harry’s. Now that was some good bacon. It sounds like you are having a colorful walk about. Keep writing, it is entertaining.


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